The Truth For Today – January 27

January 27th

Something of eternal value

I wish to see you, to communicate some spiritual gift, so that you may be confirmed.

Romans 1:11

Some years ago a young woman from our church, who was a student at a city college, said to me, “I learned a great lesson from one of your sermons on love. I always thought I loved the little girls in my Sunday school class. fourth graders. They all have little ornate dresses and the cutest smile. “

She went on to say, “One Saturday I was at a soccer game at my school, something I do every Saturday, and the Lord pointed out that this was not the right way to prepare for my Sunday school lesson. How I attended the games on Saturday. I was in the habit of teaching a lesson on Sunday morning that was very superficial. God pointed out that I did not really love those little girls as I thought, since I did not sacrifice anything of my own life to give them something of eternal value. “

She ended our conversation by saying “So from now on I will not attend any other soccer games until my lesson is finished and I feel like I can impart something of eternal value to you.”

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