YouVersion Devotional, Undecided

Hidden Treasure
You’ve made it to the final section. Now, I want to offer you the hidden treasure. It’s buried amidst the hustle and bustle of your life. It’s covered up by the crisscrossing signals of a busy world, but when you see it clearly for the first time its value is undeniable.

Every human is full of sin and corruption. Even people who have learned the art of self-discipline and self-sacrifice cannot free themselves from the bondage of sin. It’s part of our spiritual DNA from birth. But God has drafted a story just for you.

Perhaps your story includes a brief chapter where you spent several days reading through a devotional Bible plan on your phone and encountered the love of God for the first time. Whatever your story, regardless of whether you’re on the first draft or the fiftieth, God is relentless.

God’s son, Jesus, was so adamant about freeing you from sin’s bondage that he actually became sin and was executed in order to satisfy the penalty against your life. But you have to pick up the story there. It’s your choice whether your story gets published or discarded. Consider the cost, but also consider the value of the trade. If you’re ready to take the next step, just pray this prayer to God today.


God, I now realize how you have been pursuing me my entire life. I can now clearly see how much you love me, and I am ready to give up everything to follow you. Forgive my sins. Make me new. Be my savior. Amen.