Our thoughts of consciousness exist in many dimensions. Therefore, are we capable of living in many states of reality. By Timothy Baugh.

As I sit, once again, to write my inspired musings; I will let this above title for this post sink deep into your minds. Were it not so ‘AT ALL’ I would not attempt to write it here. God directs me, at times, what to write.  I have now twice encountered, as of today, a “Spiritual Counselor”. One, I actually met in person. The other, I met by reading of her Christian Bible Study Blogsite. I find the synchronicity of these two separate events in my life Amazing and Miraculous. Were it just simple coincidence; I could “write it off”, so to speak, as nothing of import to even share with you.   We are not aware of how we exit. Yet… were this so, we may just find ourselves even more ‘fragmented’ and ‘multiple’ than we would care to know. Is this evidence of God? Consider… what is it that “God” could possibly mean to you, me, and others. (A “Trinity” is seen right there).  I write these things with the intent to open your minds and hearts to see the REAL GOD. Not the fake and fabled one that religions around the world are promoting.    Is it possible that God is more, MUCH MORE than the flat, one dimensional construct that we make of Him/Her/It ? I too, like to adhere to my own ‘religiously bound beliefs and views’. Yet, when we circumscribe God into our own framework of how we think reality should be; we neglect to let Life be AS IT IS!  My using “colored font” is my attempt to express God, HERE AND NOW.   My God who is unfathomable to me as well as to others… How we ignore what is happening in our thoughts, our feelings, our consciousness.. both for ourselves and others. You, mine, our Lord is, are, and will be. How can we express this?  Jesus Christ, the Messiah of ALL, yet of one… I, we, us Christians and the WHOLE WORLD; how we need you NOW.  In the Name of the One True God over All Humanity. Amen  

Can stones LITERALLY “cry out”? By Timothy Baugh.

“For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” Habakkuk 2:11.” And Luke 19:40: “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these (the disciples/followers/multitudes that praised Jesus Christ as GOD) should hold their peace, the (very) stones would IMMEDIATELY cry out”. King James Version with my own emphasis added.       This first scripture was read in my early morning Bible reading. I later added as inspired this full post. Why did the LORD God desire me to read about a stone/stones? Perhaps because we don’t “see” the handiwork of God operational even when it does appear most apparent. And we do not NOW hear the sound of all Creation groaning in travail over it’s impending destruction by Humanity’s mismanagement. (Satan suggested his reference to “stones” in Leviticus 21:20. I didn’t wish to offend anyone.) Can stones LITERALLY cry out? Well of course they would make some ‘sound’ at a volcanic explosion! Or if you drop a stone/rock or boulder. Or maybe “figuratively” at least. Or maybe “symbolically”. What DID JESUS POSSIBLY MEAN?? I think that figuratively Jesus meant that WE, as his Modern-day followers to come, would likewise seek to praise and worship him in daily life with our total surrender of ourselves in adoration. Why would this be important at all? Because JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUE KING (Yes, EVERYONE’S KING) of all Creation!!! And it doesn’t stop there either! It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not; Jesus KNEW you would, one day or another, be praising HIM. Is he just a very vain and conceited Jewish man who got it all wrong? NO! NO! NO! HE GOT IT ALL RIGHT! He WILL RETURN AGAIN. Then, like it or not, ALL better be ready! EVERY knee will bow. EVERY tongue will confess, that Jesus Christ is LORD! So you see, it not only is LITERALLY POSSIBLE (for Atheists, Buddhists, Jews, whoever) to cry out “as stones” to him; you won’t be able to refuse to!   My God, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the one the Jews rejected back then and do now… the one we all might reject at some point. Please forgive us when we turn our hearts away from you. Please forgive us when appreciation, praise, and thanksgiving are lacking in our lives. Please, please, please prepare us all!   We say we ‘do’, but oh how we ‘don’t’ call upon your name when in dire straits. We try, more often then not, to ignore you. Help us! Help us! now is the moment we see, we acknowledge you. In Your Holy Name I live, move, and have my Being. Amen.