Success despite fewer resources and less time in hand


A Daily Devotional Featuring a Bible Verse, Thought and Prayer

Photo Credit: Ivan Samkov
Photo Credit: Ivan Samkov

King David’s enemies, the Amalekites once attacked, destroyed, and took away his loved ones and everything that belonged to him. It was a ruthless, grievous, unexpected attack.

At first, David moaned. He wept. It was of no help.

Then David decided to go before God.

He didn’t complain, blame or murmur.

He didn’t blackmail God emotionally.

David knew that God deserves reverence no matter how terrible the situation looked at that moment.

So, he first honoured God with his worship. Then, he inquired from God if there was any way he could get it all back.

“Yes” God assured.

God’s Word was enough!

David prepared to fight it out, but half of his army was tired and had lost their strength.

He still went ahead with only 50 percent of the team available. Guess what happened?…

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