Two Minute Drill – Week of February 1

Breakfast of Champions

Every year when NFL training camp rolls around, there are guys who come in hungry and fired up, fresh from an off-season workout regimen that has gotten them in playing shape right from the get-go. But every team also has players who show up fat and flabby, twenty pounds over their goal weight, gasping for breath at the first sight of wind sprints. Failure to stick to a plan has cost them the stamina they need to get started on the right foot. They may be able to fool some people with their athletic looks and muscular bodies. But NFL coaches can tell when a guy’s been dogging it since January.

You’re probably not a professional ball player, but the same principle still applies to you. The concept Jesus taught that “no good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit” (Luke 6:43) has a universal draw on every man. Steady doses of unhealthy choices and activities will bear themselves out in the way we feel, the way we think, the way we stand up to stressful situations. If we’re not willing to make sacrifices and faithful habits a regular part of our day, fatigue will not only become a way of life, it will become a belt size everyone else can see better than we can.

“The good man brings good things out of the good stored in his heart” (Luke 6:45). The same goes for stomachs and large muscle groups, too.

Pray this prayer: Lord, make me a man who doesn’t have to fake who he is—not in health, not in work ethic, not in family life, not in anything. Help me see that who I become is the result of what I invest.

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Family Talk Night Light for Parents

Duration: 365 days


“I will be his father, and he will be my son.” 2 Samuel 7:14

Someone has said, “If you connect a boy to the right man, he seldom goes wrong.” I (JCD) fully believe that to be true.

The full force of my own father’s contribution hit me years ago when he lay in the hospital after a heart attack. As I stood by his bedside, I thought back to the happiest moments of my childhood—how we would rise early on a wintry morning, pull on our hunting clothes, and head twenty miles outside of town to a favorite place we called “the big woods.” He’d get me situated under a little tree, and then we’d wait for the sun to come up, watching the squirrels and birds and chipmunks. Those moments with my dad were priceless. They made me want to be like him—to choose his values as my values, his dreams as my dreams, his God as my God.

Are you cultivating common ground with your son? Sharing hobbies or other interests now will encourage open communication during the turbulent times ahead. It will plant the seeds for a mutual faith—and a friendship that can last a lifetime.


As a child, did you share any hobbies with your dad?

What are your favorite memories of those times?

What activities do your children enjoy sharing with you? What new ones could you try?

How can common activities build a mutual faith?

(father) Lord, help me to be sensitive to the interests and needs of my son(s). Give us grace to create memories that will strengthen our relationship and draw us closer together, and closer to You. Amen.

  • From Night Light For Parents, by Dr. James & Shirley Dobson
    Copyright © 2000 by James Dobson, Inc. All rights reserved.

Vertical Connection – February 1

Under his wingsCVC LA VOZ – Some time ago a documentary about a fire in Yellowstone National Park in the United States was broadcast. Although it was not the first fire in the park. But what gave relevance to this event was what the rangers found after they had put out the fire.At the foot of a tree was a charred bird. The position he was in turned out to be strange because he didn’t seem to have been fleeing the fire. Its wings were closed around its body. When a ranger touched her, her chicks came out from under her wings. Apparently, seeing that he could not escape with all his chicks, the bird took them to the base of the tree where they would be safe from the smoke and there he protected them from the fire by covering them with his wings, giving his life for them. Many times we feel that everything around us is on fire, that problems are going to destroy us and that there is no way we can get out unscathed.

It does not matter the magnitude of the fire you are in, or how high the flames are around you, because no matter how negative you see your outlook, God covers you with his wings. Once the fire passes, you will come out like the chicks, intact.God, like that loving mother, has put you in a safe place and He protects you so that no flame can touch you. You have nothing to fear, if God is with you, nothing and no one can harm you. Run for shelter and rest under the wings of God. There is no better place. CVC THE VOICE “With his feathers he will cover you, And under his wings you will be safe; Shield and buckler is his truth”. Psalm 91: 4 Ana Maria Frege Issa Note: The dissemination of articles on this portal is allowed only if its content is respected and it is not altered or edited. The following credit, by obligation, is required for use by other sources: This article was produced by Radio Cristiana CVC La Voz so that it may be useful in the life of each person who reads it. CVC La Voz is a live programming service that is transmitted internationally by satellite, internet, and shortwave with quality content that includes Christian music, professional presenters, news, sports and reflections. Our content helps local radio stations and their listeners in Latin America, the United States, the Caribbean and Spain.

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