The Truth For Today – December 29

December 29

Choose between heaven and earth

Because of both things I am put in strait.

Philippians 1:23

Every Christian should have a strong desire to be with Christ, but also a desire to build his church. If the Lord told me, “You have five minutes to choose between being in heaven or staying on earth,” it would be difficult for me to make that decision. And I would like to be sure that I am deciding for the right reasons. I would have to ask myself: can I glorify Christ more in heaven or on earth?

Pablo considered it a difficult decision. However, most people would choose to stay on land. When asked why, almost all of them would give some selfish reason, such as “We are buying a new house” or “I don’t want to leave my children.” Nothing was more important to Paul than glorifying Christ. When faced with the most essential issues in life, whether it was better to live or die, his response was: “I want to glorify Christ in heaven or on earth. If I am given a choice, I cannot choose.” Since glorifying Christ was Paul’s motivation, the problem was not where he glorified Christ. That should be so for you too.

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