Held by Hope – Girlfriends in God – December 24, 2020

December 24, 2020
Held by Hope
Gwen Smith

Today’s Truth
But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19, NIV).

Friend to Friend
Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to witness the celestial celebration that took place in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born? Now, I’m a bit fussy about fashion, but I’d even consider donning a shepherd’s garb and hanging out with a few sheep for that opportunity! 

To see angels fill the sky, to hear the voice of God through the cries of a baby. 

To catch a glimpse of the brilliant Star of David, and to satisfy my curiosity as to what exactly a host of heavenly angels sounds like. 

To soak in the amazingness of it all.

Oh, and to talk to Mary!  

Wouldn’t that be incredible to hear what she was thinking as she witnessed, and took part in, the greatest miracle ever known to man? This baby she gave birth to was God-in-the-flesh… a true bundle of perfect love. “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19, NIV).

What do you think she treasured in her heart as she took it all in? 

I’m struck by this thought: As Mary held the Hope of the world, the Hope of the world held her. {Mind. Blown.}

The baby born in a stable that holy night long ago is the Hope of the world, the Grace that saves us and the Love that heals us. 

Jesus is the Hope that changes our worthless into precious, our guilty to forgiven, our hungry into satisfied, our empty into full and our broken into beautiful. 

Jesus is Emmanuel, our Lord of inescapable presence who is with us and for us. 

The psalmist David was amazed by this when he wrote to the Lord, “If I go up to the heavens, You are there; if I make my bed in the depths, You are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast” (Psalm 139:8-10).

Jesus sits at the right hand of God the Father in heaven, and it’s Him who “holds us fast.” 

After His resurrection and before His ascension into heaven, Jesus said to His followers, “Surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).  

Emmanuel, always with us.  

Always loving us.  

Always inviting us to find comfort, refuge, joy and hope in Him. 

Ponder that! Just as it was with Mary two thousand years ago, Every believer is held by Hope today because we are held fast by Jesus, our Savior who will never leave us or forsake us. No matter the circumstances, not matter the diagnoses, no matter the financial struggle. Our faithful LORD is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and our souls can find peace knowing that in everything we’re held by Hope. 

Let’s Pray
Dear Lord, You are my Hope! I join the psalmist today in praying, “Sustain me according to Your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. Uphold me, and I will be delivered” (Psalm 119:116-117a). I’m leaning into Your heavenly grip today.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn
What would it look like for you to allow Hope to hold you today?

NEED PRAYER? Friend, I know that as sweet as Christmas is, it will be hard for many of you this year. Pain is no respecter of persons, and loneliness can find us in a crowded room. I pray that you will find comfort in knowing that God loves and sees you. Leave a comment and we would love to pray for you.

More from the Girlfriends
There are so many voices vying for your attention it can be hard to sift through the noise and focus on what really matters during the Christmas season. The Graceologie with Gwen Smith podcast will help you move from distracted to directed.

Directed to hope. Directed to truth. Directed to clarity. Directed to grace. Directed to Jesus. Click here to listen now.

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Seeking God?

Passing By the Baby Jesus

In the midst of holiday preparation, it’s easy to pass by the Baby Jesus sitting in your own front lawn. Whenever you realize you’re forgetting he’s there, take a few moments and acknowledge Him.

holy family nativity

The nativity scene was still on the lawn in February, at a home in suburban
St. Louis. The homeowners had clearly begun to overlook that Christmas was still happening in their front yard, until someone stole the baby Jesus.

The story was reported some years ago in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. It is a true story, but I do not have the original clipping, so I retell it here with some license.

Similar to Flat Stanley, friend and geography teacher to California school children, the stolen Baby Jesus showed up back at the house in the form of cards and photos. Baby Jesus at the Empire State Building. Baby Jesus on the beach in Maui. Baby Jesus sailing the Greek Isles. You get the idea. Baby Jesus traveled the world while his crib sat empty on the lawn.

On Christmas Eve the following year, Baby Jesus showed up at Lambert St. Louis International airport. Someone – whose identity remains unknown – carried the Baby Jesus out to a cab, put him in the back seat, paid the fare and sent him on his way.  Upon arrival, the cab driver placed the Baby Jesus back in the manger from whence he came.

Apparently, the homeowners never knew who arranged for their Baby Jesus to have a world tour, but I doubt they ever took him for granted again.

I share this story because I too, often pass right by the Baby Jesus. Because I live in a perpetual state of advent.

All my life I’ve been rewarded for my ability to plan. Always. It is one of my gifts. It’s what earns me a good living. It’s what eases my anxiety and that of others. It’s what manages bosses and employees, when I had them. And now helps clients plan and prepare for their futures.

In my perpetual state of advent, I spend more time managing my calendar than most people spend sleeping.

In Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, An Altar in the World, she has a chapter on Getting Lost. She recommends you get lost in small ways, like taking a drive through an unfamiliar neighborhood to prepare yourself for those times in life when we are truly and completely lost.

I do that. I travel to third-world countries by myself and am completely prepared to get lost.

Preparation gives me the gift of relaxation. I love to know as much as possible about a place before I visit. I read the guidebook before I go. I am alarmed when I meet people who show up without one. I usually book at least my first night in a new place in advance. I make lists. I check them off.

All this preparation may see ridiculous to real adventure travelers, but I cannot count the times those who do less advance planning rely on me for directions, recommendations, my currency cheat sheet, my Ziploc bags, or my ability to make change. (I carry paper, plastic, traveler’s checks and bills small and large, in both local currency and U.S. dollars.)

Once I’ve arrived at my destination, I enjoy the unexpected that comes with a different place, unique culture and new people. That is how I get lost.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been truly and completely lost many times in my life.
But that will have to wait for a different advent meditation.

But as you can see, Advent is in my blood. It is my life. It is my way of life. I am really good at Advent.

What I’m not good at is Christmas. I am much more of Martha than a Mary, working in the kitchen to make sure everyone is fed rather than sit at the feet of Christ and savor this moment that will never come again.  

So for the last few years, I have been working very hard at also being good at Christmas, the Christmas that happens in my life every day. In fact, every single moment. It is only in the past few years I can say I have truly ever experienced
joy, and it is always when I am completely engaged in this exact moment. 

Thich Nhat Hanh says the Kingdom of God is now. If not now, when? It is happening at this very moment. In this room. In our breathing and being. Christmas, the Kingdom of God, the sitting at the feet, adoring the Baby Jesus—this is available to me at every moment.

In the midst of holiday preparation, it is easy to miss that the Baby Jesus is sitting right here on the front lawn of my life. I rush by him as I head off to choir, another party, another appointment.

So when I remember, I try every day, or every hour, or even every few minutes, to soak up the Christmas that is happening, that is rushing by me. Yes, I am going somewhere, but what I am looking for is already here.
 Lilli Cloud is the founder of a branding and thought leadership company called bluefeet. She has worked with senior executives and luminaries for more than 20 years to help them lead by identifying and sharing what makes them or their organizations extraordinary.