I Choose God Every Time.

Precious Sheep Of Renown

Once Confined to Darkness “NOW” Walking In Faith!

Saved by grace through faith!

Atheist: God doesn’t exist.If He did, why would He allow suffering?I would never believe in an imaginary daddy in the sky.God was made up to control us.
I believe in science, not the existence God.When we die, we rot in the grave and never cease to exist again. (No purpose in life)

My reply: If space, time, and matter had a beginning…then the first cause has to be outside of space, time, and matter. A self-existent, timeless, nonspatial, and immaterial being. It had to be Powerful in order to create the universe out of nothing. Intelligent to be able to design the universe with great precision. He had to be personal in order to Choose to create life out of nothing.

God allows suffering because He gave us free will. Allowing us to have free will allow…

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