My husband and I cannot afford my beautiful home anymore because of several things that happened. so, we put the house on the market and do not know yet what God Wants us to do in the future.

buy a much cheaper home or rent. We are praying daily for an answer from the Lord and will appreciate any prayers. We have open house tomorrow and a lot going on so I will post just a little now and then for a short period of time.

Thank you as always, you are always here for me and I am grateful to you all.

Love you in Christ Jesus.

Please pray that the Lord will sell our home quickly and will show us what to do. God’s timing is the only timing I like even if Is not HIS Will to sell the house quickly but, I believe in prayers and any would be so nice. I do pray almost every day for my followers and all I follow.

Thank you very much God bless you,


~ Where Old Path’s Lead ~ — CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Lord, lead me to the old paths,the ones tried and true . . .so I may follow Your waysin all I set out to do. Let me not forget Thy grace,the election of my inheritancelet me not lose sight of Youdue to my prideful arrogance. Let me not be caught up in,the gospel of convenienceone […]

~ Where Old Path’s Lead ~ — CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

When Everyone Else Is Getting Their Miracle

Many of us have a really hard time with hearing testimonies of God doing the miraculous. It’s not because we don’t believe that God did it for that person, or that we don’t believe God performs miracles or that He can or does wants to perform miracles in the lives of His people. It’s just that it hasn’t happened in your life. When God moves in other people’s lives in a way that He hasn’t in yours, it easy to feel overlooked, and it can be hard to hear how good He has been to other people. When miracles are happening in the lives of others, sometimes embracing God’s sovereignty is difficult to accept. It’s hard to keep your confidence in God when you feel overlooked. Perhaps you are currently in this place, when miracles are happening for others around you while you are believing God for one.

Maybe you are sick in your body. Maybe you are dealing with a mental health disorder, a physical disability, or you’re asking God to give you a breakthrough in your mind. Maybe you are dealing with financial difficulties, failures or disappointments, an ongoing conflict in your family, or a prodigal child you are praying for to return. Maybe you are broken, and you are still angry and hurt. My goodness, I get that. Some claim that faith is defined by begging God and believing without a doubt that He will do it. But faith is not measured by trying to manipulate God in order to get Him to give us a miracle; we must trust Him beyond what we see in the natural and not allow the external to shut us down internally.

We can put our confidence in God’s faithfulness. If our hope is focused upon this life, we will forever be disappointed. But if we believe that God is not a man that He should lie and we hope for in that we do not see, if we believe God loves us and He is for us, then we can wait patiently (with a good attitude)  for what He has promised. Our ability to endure hardship is the confidence to live with hope.

What are you struggling with to trust God in your life? In your circumstances, in the midst of your deepest despair, your deepest unmet desires—God says, “Do not be afraid: trust me.” It may begin with you being transparent and confessing to Him that you don’t trust Him. Today—start being honest with God. I have been honest with God about my anger, doubts, pain and fears. Confessing to God, “Lord I’m struggling to believe you, but I want to,” is the beginning of allowing the Him to work out the issues of your heart and uproot those things that are hindering you from getting your miracle.

Ask God to show you the areas that are not like Him.

He’ll show you.

6 Ways to Enjoy a Spiritual Life Again

Has your spiritual life hit a snag?

By Corine Gatti

Religion Prayer Hands

Let’s connect for a moment and take stock of our spiritual timeline. Your timeline might be mired with lots trials or maybe you have coasted for some time. We tend to think that our lives and our spiritual lives are two separate entities. But this is not true, they are both intertwined and can collide on a daily basis. Sometimes when we come against stiff challenges we cut off our spiritual life. If it continues we can end up in a wilderness that cuts off our faith and then ultimately, destroys our spiritual vigor. Jesus knew what living in the wilderness felt like. He felt disconnected from God at times, especially at the cross. He was tempted a great deal but found a way to infuse His spiritual life by not giving up. Many of us experience the highs and lows of our spiritual journey. If you feel that your spiritual life is dry, we have suggestions to get you back on track to enjoy your spiritual life again.

Enjoy Nature

clouds dramatic

OK, take a deep breath and think of the Creator by observing nature! When we slow down and look at the details of the leaves or how a breeze bends a single blade of grass, it helps us to slow down and to reconnect with God. Sometimes we need to pull away from our busy lives and just take a glimpse around us to understand that God is still there. Nature is one of God’s beautiful pieces of artwork and it can help your spiritual life by quieting a cluttered soul. God’s creative presence is shown to us on a daily basis in nature if we just pause and study.

Read the Word

Sometimes we need to encourage ourselves and we can do this by finding Scriptures that inspire us. We need to get down to the basics and find verses that explain how valuable we really are. For example, when we feel undervalued, it impacts our self-esteem and confidence. A part of you will just start giving up. This is a lie the enemy loves to deploy in our relationship with the Lord. For this reason, we need to read what God’s Word has to say about us. We know the classic Scripture in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” When in doubt, go back to the Word and know that you are cherished. 

Ditch Negative Influences 


Examine the areas of your life that are not helping you grow. If it is being around people who have a negative influence in your life, it may be time to reevaluate some of your relationships. Maybe you have bad habits that you need to break like cursing or like smoking. By being objective you will be able to see what sways you in a negative matter no matter what it is. If you are going to enjoy a fruitful spiritual life, things need to get pruned. Once you do this, you can start moving forward and enjoy your journey more.

Give Thanks

Start giving thanks for everything that God has given you. There is a gift hidden in thanksgiving that will rejuvenate your faith life. We can find peace, endurance and a sense of freedom found in thanksgiving. It is through thanksgiving, that God works on our behalf. How? Well, it gets our minds off of ourselves and we relinquish our control. When you practice praising God, it removes the old and renews your mind with confidence. If you need help, start listening to praise music and other uplifting tunes to enjoy your spiritual walk.

Change Your Perspective


We tend to look at our lives through our own tainted lenses. No wonder why we are not enjoying a rich spiritual life! In every situation try something different by seeing it from God’s view instead of from our own vantage point. There is always a bigger picture and looking at it through Scripture can help you. But understand that we might never have the answers to all of our questions. Take peace in the fact that you are not isolated and that God knows what He is doing. When this happens, you will not only have a peace but a new perspective on things.

Have Fun

Goodness, have some fun! Go on a date or a trip with God. This can be going on a spiritual journey to Israel to visit sacred sites or just going to the beach to spend alone time with Him. If you are more ambitious throw a party with like-minded friends to share testimonies and just enjoy encouraging each other. Go to a worship service and to dinner afterward. The point is we need to stop being so serious all the time. When we chill out and actually enjoy being a believer, we might inspire others to do the same and reboot our spiritual life as bible

Some of us need to do soul searching to explore the reasons why we feel spiritually dry. It may take longer than we want it to, but pray that God would expose His plan to you. While you are waiting on Him, walk in faith and be determined to enjoy your spiritual life.