Vertical Connection – December 14

As human beings we are good when it comes to doing, looking for solutions and solving. They taught us that our future is in our hands and that what happens with it will depend, plain and simple, on how much or little we work for the proposed goals and dreams. However, we do not seem to be as prepared for when things, despite our efforts, do not go well, when circumstances get out of our hands and no matter how hard we fight, we simply cannot achieve those things we dream of or better those promises that God gave us in his word. It is then that Psalm 27:14 gives us an idea of ​​how to handle these situations. Wait for Jehovah; Be strong, and let your heart be encouraged; Yes, wait for Jehovah. Psalm 27:14  In this equation it appears that the order of the factors is definitely important. We must first wait for Jehovah, that is, seek his will, ask for his guidance, and wait for our Heavenly Father; knowledgeable of all things, not only of your abilities but of your past and future; It shows you the plans it has for your life, so before spending a lot of energy on things that will not work, seek the advice and direction of your creator. Then comes the part in which we are experts, once you know God’s plans for your life, then be strong, be brave, don’t get tired, don’t give up, work, and when that moment comes when you don’t see the results you expected. , when things do not go the way you wanted and it seems that God was wrong in what he told you, do not allow discouragement to come into your life, Before the psalm says that you are encouraged, that you do not faint, that you do not faint, remember that with God we do not live by what we see, but by what we know and your certainty must be that God goes before you, that He is the one who opens or closes doors and that the results will always depend on the sovereignty of God. We must learn to do our part and trust that God will do his part, as did Abraham, who lived waiting for that promise that he would be a father and trusted even though his body was almost dead and his wife was sterile. Rom 4:20 “Before God’s promise he did not waver like an unbeliever, but he reaffirmed himself in his faith and gave glory to God, fully convinced that God had the power to fulfill what he had promised.” (NIV). Therefore the last point is to rest, trust and wait, this is the best moment for God to show you that he is sovereign, Therefore remain faithful to your tasks and to God, wait on the Lord with Faith, prayer and humble submission to his will. Fill yourself with courage and courage. Trust in God, keep your spirits even in the midst of difficulties and dangers, allow your heart to rest in God, and don’t let anything move you. Those who hope in God have reason to be confident despite the circumstances. Isaiah 26: 3, “You will keep in complete peace the one whose mind continues on you; because he has trusted you ”. Dilean Cañas

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