Treasures of the Word – November 30

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November 30


“Whom God placed as a propitiation through faith in his blood, to manifest his justice, because of having ignored, in his patience, past sins, with the aim of manifesting his justice at this time, in order that He is the righteous, and the justifier of the one who is of the faith of Jesus ” (Romans 3: 25-26).


As a child, I thought God was like Santa Claus with a long beard sitting in the sky: making a list and double-checking it, trying to figure out if I was good or bad. Then when my life had come to an end and I appeared before Him, He would lift a great weight and weigh my good works against the bad ones to see if I could get into heaven. Do you know what this way of thinking did to me? It made me afraid that at the end of my life God would say to me: “Adrián, I’m sorry, according to my calculations, you didn’t make it.” Afterward, I would have to turn around and walk out embarrassed, passing between family and friends. Friend, maybe you think this, but let me clarify for you: Salvation is not something you can obtain, salvation is the sacrifice of Christ.


Please read Romans 5. In your own words write what this passage teaches about God. Put it in a self-addressed, sealed envelope and ask a friend to send it to you in a month. What better way to start the New Year than by remembering what God taught you about your salvation.

This devotional comes from the messages of Dr. Adrián Rogers of the Ministry THE LOVE THAT IS WORTH

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About The Love That Is Worth

The Dr. Adrian Rogers is a preacher, evangelist and Bible teacher. He presents the Good News of Jesus Christ with firm conviction through his radio and television ministry, THE LOVE THAT IS WORTH.

About Dr. Adrian Rogers

The Dr. Adrian Rogers , preacher and pastor MINISTRY Love Worth , had a zeal and love for Jesus that is evident in each of their messages. His legacy continues to reach the whole world, sharing the Good News that Jesus Christ is the greatest love that is worth. Even though he passed away on November 15, 2005, letters of gratitude continue to come in as testimony of his global impact.

We agree with Dr. Rogers that the most important thing is the believers who have their faith strengthened, and the countless number of people who have come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ for the first time. As he so eloquently said, this ministry is not about Adrian Rogers, but about Jesus Christ. It was his wish, and it continues to be our mission, that the truth of God’s great love, which is worth finding, be proclaimed until Jesus returns.

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