The Truth For Today – November 13

November 13

The source of contentment

I have learned to be content, whatever my situation.

Philippians 4:11

Existentialism, the dominant mindset of contemporary psychology, has infiltrated not only our country, but also many churches. It implies that every man has the right to do whatever makes him feel good. But a wrong way of thinking like that stems from selfish pride. It is the selfish person who says, “If it makes you feel good but it hurts me, you can’t do it. But if it makes me feel good but it hurts you, I can do it anyway.” Some deceive themselves into thinking that their sin hurts no one, but sin always ends up hurting.

In contrast to egotism, the Bible says that we should be humble and altruistic (Phil. 2: 3-4), love those who mistreat us (Matt. 5:44), and show mercy to those who repeatedly stumble (1 Pet. 4 : 8). These virtues helped Paul to be content in any circumstance. Instead, some believers take everything they hear and see and filter it into their mind to see if it hurts them in any way, resulting in immediate instability and anxiety.

When others mistreat you, humility will help you keep your balance. 

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