Encounter with Jesus – November 13

November 13

The purpose of conviction of sin 

Hebrews 12.4-11

Have you ever seen a parent firmly grasp a mischievous child and lead him to where he should be? Sometimes our heavenly Father must also use a strong hand with us. Even as believers, we are a wayward and wayward people. But when we stray from the path, God helps us return to the path of righteousness.

The guiding hand of the heavenly Father is always on his children. But when believers fall into sin and rebellion, their hand squeezes us. We call this pressure on our hearts and minds “conviction of sin.” By instilling in us that this action, attitude or thought is not in line with what we are in Christ, the Holy Spirit makes us aware of our lack. Conviction is for the purpose of showing believers the kind of relationship they have with God. If you’ve gotten off track, wouldn’t you want to know so you can get back to the center of God’s will as soon as possible?

Discipline can be painful and come at a high price, especially when we have resisted the pressure of conviction. However, any wise parent will tell you that living with the consequences of reckless behavior teaches children valuable lessons about what is right and permissible.

Left to his own devices, man will destroy himself by pursuing self-centered pleasures and desires. God has a better plan for us: to lead us to perfect freedom in Christ, guided by his tender hand. When we stray, He squeezes his hand and brings us back on track.

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