Beetle Produces Fungicide to Protect Young

Beetle Produces Fungicide to Protect Young

Psalm 51:7
“Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

The southern pine beetle is a real problem in southeastern North America. They burrow into pine trees that could be harvested for lumber, often killing them. Those that aren’t killed are left, stained an unattractive blue tint by a fungus they leave behind.

That fungus grows from spores carried in a special pouch under the beetles’ neck. It will grow into a tiny garden that will feed the baby pine beetles when they hatch. However, several species of mite also infest the beetle. They have their own fungus that they use for food. That fungus will not sustain the baby beetles. Worse, the mite fungus is more robust than the beetle fungus and will crowd it out. However, the beetle also carries a special bacteria. The bacteria produces a very special fungicide. While it does not harm the beetle’s fungus, it targets the mite’s fungus, wiping it out. So, the baby southern pine beetle’s little ones will have their fungus garden to feed them after all.

Natural fungicides and antibiotics surround us. The hyssop that God commanded His people to use in cleansing ceremonies is a natural antibiotic. While man has since learned to use many antibiotics, how did the beetle learn to use the right fungicide to protect its young? It should be clear that this relationship was arranged by our creating God.

Prayer: Father, I thank You that I have been cleansed from the filthiness of my sins through the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Author: Paul A. Bartz

Ref:, Susan Millius, “Beetles Grow Weed Killer.”

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The Biblical Way – October 21

Lea Luke 2

In today’s reading:

Jesus’ birth; the adoration of the shepherds; the prophecies of Simeon and Anna; Jesus in the temple; John the Baptist; the baptism of Jesus and His genealogy

L Pascua brought Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem every year. When Jesus was 12 years old, Joseph and Mary were busy preparing to return home after the feast, “(and) thinking that (Jesus) was among the company (the group) , they walked a day’s journey; and they looked for him among relatives and acquaintances; But when they did not find him, they returned to Jerusalem looking for him. And it came to pass that three days later they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors of the law, hearing and questioning them “ (Luke 2: 44-46).

After meeting him in the temple, Mary said to him: «Son, why have you done us this way? Behold, your father and I have searched for you in anguish ” (2:48). Jesus calmly explained to Mary and Joseph (not His biological father) His reason for being in the temple, saying to them, “Why were you looking for me? Didn’t you know that I need to be in My Father’s business? » (2:49). Jesus made it clear to them who His Royal Father was. Devotion to His Heavenly Father’s interests led him to the temple; but His submission to His Father’s will also caused Him to return again to Nazareth where “He was subject (obedient) to them” (2:51).

In this age of rebellion, many young people are not disciplined to be submissive to their parents or anyone else. Honoring and obeying the authority of parents that has been ordained by God . . . it is the first commandment with promise »(Ephesians 6: 2). Parents who live in submission to God have a great responsibility to their children to teach them all things spiritual – especially through their own personal examples, their daily devotions, and regular attendance at a Bible-teaching church. Parents who rebel against restrictions placed on them at work, in church, or in the community are to be pitied. Such people may still think that they have the right to live independent of God-ordained authority, but they do expect their children to be obedient to the authorities.

“Let everyone submit to higher authorities (and governments) because there is no authority except on the part of God, and those that exist have been established by God. So whoever opposes authority, resists what God has established; and those who resist bring condemnation for themselves ” (Romans 13: 1-2).

Thought for today:The certainty that all of God’s Word will be fulfilled is the foundation of our Christian faith.

Memory Verse of the Week: Psalm 139: 16

Daily Journey – October 21

Daily Journey devotional banner

October 21

2 Kings 23:21-30Zephaniah 11 Timothy 2

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage:

[Zephaniah 1] See who the sinners are that shall be consumed. Those also shall be consumed that think to compound the matter between God and idols, and keep an even hand between them, that halt between God and Baal, and worship between Jehovah and Moloch, and swear by both; or, as it might better be read, swear to the Lord and to Malcham. They bind themselves by oath and covenant to the service both of God and idols. They have a good opinion of the worship of the God of Israel; it is the religion of their country, and has been long so, and therefore they will by no means quit it; but they think it will be very much improved and beautified if they join with it the worship of Moloch, for that also is much used in other countries, and travelers admire it; there is a great deal of good fancy and strong flame in it. They cannot keep always to the worship of a God whom they have no visible representation of, and therefore they must have an image; and what better than the image of Moloch—a king? They think they shall effectually atone for their sin if they swear to Moloch, and, pursuant to that oath, burn their children in sacrifice to that idol; and yet, if they do amiss in that, they hope to atone for it in worshipping the God of Israel too. Note, Those that think to divide their affections and adorations between God and idols will not only come short of acceptance with God, but will have their doom with the worst of idolaters; for what communion can there be between light and darkness, Christ and Belial, God and mammon?

Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers) 1997.

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Discover the Book – October 21

Moses – God’s Man

When the back side of the desert Moses stepped into the lush green gardens leading up to Pharaoh’s palaces – it must have been a sight. Clad only in his shepherds rough and outdoor garb with that distinct odor sheep give off, he was in stark contrast to the white linen clad, closely shaven and often bathed priest rulers who hovered over Pharaoh like bees around their queen.  

Ancient Egypt at its Zenith fifteen centuries before Christ was awesome. The glistening Pyramids sheathed in snowy alabaster with gold reflecting the desert sun, were already over a thousand years old. They massively stood against time, towering ominously over this proud and powerful people.  

The ‘God-Kings’ or Pharaohs as we call them, were sons of Khnum, descendants of RA and the bearers of divinity to the masses. Astride the Mighty Nile, Egypt knew prosperity, fertile and productive agriculture and great peace. 

But, a nation had grown up in their midst for 400 years. It had started with just an old man and his twelve boys. Jacob and his twelve sons, his daughters and their families had flourished. In Goshen they now numbered nearly three million. As God had promised to his grandfather Abraham, his descendants would be as numberless as the sands of the sea. From one man to three million is a vast multiplication. And so, the stage is set: 




But, it was even more than that. It was also: 

God’s People vs. Satan’s People

 God’s Promise vs. The Curse

God’s Power vs. The Kingdom of Darkness

Two eighty year old men vs. Pharaoh, his armies and the entire religion of Egypt

Shy Moses vs. Proud Pharaoh

The Whole Plan of God for Redemption vs. The Whole Plan of Satan for Rebellion


  • These were the Covenant People,
  • These were the Bearers of God’s Promises,
  • These were the Vehicle of God’s Written revelation, and, Ultimately,
  • These were the only way Christ could come in God’s plan!

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