Pergamum: Built Satan’s Throne – Revelation 2:12-17

Imagine trying to worship Jesus in a city that bowed before their political leaders and even made your success in business connected with worshiping idolatrous statues of false gods. This is the challenge the believers at Pergamum faced near the end of the first century. Jesus planted a church in a city where Satan, himself, was enthroned. Pergamum was the center of the Roman Imperial Cult in Asia Minor, and Jesus planted a church in this city to counter evil with His grace. “The only way to live a godly life is to build high walls around your church and family.” Many believers adopt this isolationist mentality, but the risen Christ planted a church at the foot of Satan throne—in the heart of the city where the Imperial Cult flexed its muscles. Take some time to read Revelation 2:12-17 and learn about the Church of Pergamum: The Church Built at Satan’s Throne.

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