By the Mighty Mumford

the end of my High School days,

Affirmative Action the craze…….

The Regents Exam

High scores in the can,

College help for middle class white kids wasn’t raised

Doctor’s kids got by,

With their parents, living a lie…..

claimed on their own

housing on their own,

while supported in secret on the side!

I wanted a little assistance,

but met stiff resistance……..

State Senator

Anderson claimed he’d help, nothing more,

My Dad’s friendship was by his insistance.

The Senator, Republican,

couldn’t do anything he explained…..

but a State Rep—

a Democrat did—

A minimum scholarship obtained!

as long as that rep ran,

Caswells voted for him “to a man”…..

Mom especially


Voted for the right man!

Jonathan Caswell

The author grew up in the 1970’s…graduating from High school in 1975.

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