Joy YouVersion

It is a wonderful thing to see a man or woman live in the light of something you cannot see. You can always tell when a person has an invisible standard; there is something that keeps them sweet when from every other consideration they ought to be sour. That is a mark of the Christian. He does not drift during times of peril. He has an anchor that holds within the veil. When we know that a time is coming when all things shall be explained fully, it keeps our spirit filled with uncrushable joy. O Lord God, what You are to me I dimly begin to discern—more than morning light, more than joy and health, more than all Your blessings. Dawn on me afresh this morning and make me light all through with Your light. Reflection Questions: How does knowing the one who holds the future keep me from drifting into despair? What light do I need to focus on to stay on the journey of joy? Where do I need to place my anchor to keep from drifting off course? Quotations taken from The Place of Help and Knocking at God’s Door, © Discovery House Publishers