I loved my Pets very much and still do.

The Shepard is Lupa and my little girl Kim

I had a black and white cat and never cried when she became sick and was suffering. we could not do anything about it to save her, too sick and old. Toby saved her and her brother’s life, Teyla was her name, and Teal’c the male.

when she and old brother Teal’c were a week to 10 days old and a friend and myself fed them with a dropper until they could drink and then eat on their own. she was only 14 years old when she died and was Feral cat whose mom abandoned when a man touched her and her brother.

We then, there were 2 now, I never had a cat before.

one we kept one after she grew some, the other we gave away to Toby’s brother.

I fell in love with my kitten and her loss hurt so much! After her 3 weeks later we hat to put to sleep my beautiful Bell, my Maltese I also had for her a huge sense of loss, a pain that reminded me of what I felt when I lost My German Shepard Lupa many years before.

I had 3 dogs, the first a 6 month old puppy a mix of Wolf I was told and another dog, I was 7 years old was he, Lupo, was killed with a shot gun….a very long sad time for me.

I waited until I was 19 to accept a German Shepherd 12 weeks old puppy that I kept in my big coat poker that winter when my first husband bought for me. her colors reminded me of my beloved Lupo. I called her Lupa in his memory female for Wolf.

Now, I have a rebel mix Yorkie and and Schnauzer 7 pounds big, a rescue dog I paid $250.00 to RESCUE, a designer dog they called him and a, rescue cat a beautiful Himalayan that was 6 years old and now we had for 3 years . The puppy was about 8 months and we decided to adopt about 3 month after the cat. I wanted another Maltese but had no money for it so we thought about adopting just a lesser fortunate dog preferentially a puppy and we did in the person of Tiny that at 7 pound thinks He is a Shepherd.

Well I just wanted to tell you that I love all my pets very much!,

Got to run!!

Later Pat,

Child Of God