Blessed day

Today between posts I was able with my friend Nattie at the weel, to go to near Miami and buy medicine and give some cash to this sweet new couple I met a couple weeks ago. I am also Best of all, planting seed for Jesus and I know in my spirit they will be saved. This short trip 45 minutes each way was filled with joy. Helping others is my purpose ❤ in works and especially prayers. I know God put them in my life. I met them when my friend boyfriend. Put our rental room’s new wood floor in.

We spent a lot of time together. My new friend ended up in the hospital with a big female problems that caused her a lot of pain. She is now with her boyfriend home getting better.

I am telling you about the money prayers etc. Because I want you to know that I am truly sure they are a gift from the Father for me to try to guide them. They are young in their mid twenties with dreams to get married and get another little place to live in. Please pray for this couple that need Jesus. My hope is to love them so much that they will start asking themself why. I could have chosen not to help but the Holy Spirit was very clear. Im not giving myself credit but this.I need to state.obey God as much as possible. ” obedience is better than sacrificed saith the Lord”. My prayers are for them to find the peace I often feel and above all trust in God’s 💘. Love. Agape love.

I trust in the Lord with all my heart and do not lean not on my own understanding in all my ways I knowledge Him….

Thank you for reading

Love you all

God bless you ❤ 💛



Child of God.

4 thoughts on “Blessed day

    1. SWEET PAULA, I know that God has a hand in my blog because if for people to get to read about him and I try to post uplifting but also teaching posts by the Holy Spirit, I know that everyday they touch someone. I need to come visit you. with all these followers, is hard to keep track of a few dozens, lol I try to visit you as much as I can. Love you in Christ and I love your Bog from your heart.

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