Soaring at Dillingham Airfield, Oahu, Hawaii


There is no shortage of amazing things to do when visiting the Hawaiian Islands.  One of my favorites is taking a glider ride at Dillingham Airfield on the northwest tip of the island of Oahu.  On the Big Island (Hawaii), definitely visit the Martian-like summit of Mauna Kea.

159 Dillingham Airfield

Getting to Dillingham Airfield

Dillingham Airfield is two miles from the village of Mokuleia and a 60-minute drive from Honolulu.  You can drive yourself or arrange transportation for a fee by contacting the glider company.  There is even a bus from the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu.  It takes around 90 minutes.

Dillingham Airfield is a joint civilian and military airport used primarily for daytime civilian gliding and skydiving.  At night, the U.S. Army uses the airfield to train helicopter pilots for operations using night vision devices.

The airfield is in a perfect spot for glider flights.  Constant, strong sea…

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