Today’s Prayer

A beautiful prayer

Devoted Steps

My Father in heaven, enfold me in the light of Your love until all the darkness within me fades away. Thank You, Jesus, for chasing the shadows of discontent that subtly plague my soul. Invite me into the joy of Your continual presence. Take me to the wide, open space where Your Holy Spirit dwells in power and majesty. Fill me up, Lord, as only You can do. I long for Your nearness. I wait with anticipation to hear the melodic comfort of Your voice. In stillness, I reach for You in prayer when the world around me is consumed in chaos. Calm my turbulent heart, Lord. Sweep me up in the truth that Your Word brings me each day. Penetrate the barrier of self that keeps me distanced from You. Help me to surrender, Holy Spirit. Mend the broken, heal the wounds, strengthen my weaknesses so that Your Name…

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