Want Culture and Scenery? These Five Countries Have Got Your Back.

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There’s no such thing as perfect,” said pretty much everyone, everywhere. I bet even you’ve said it at least once before. If there’s no such thing as perfect, then a perfect combination must be an imaginary subject as well. For some people, though, the perfect, or at least almost perfect combination is culture and scenery. To see tall mountains and crashing waves, but also unique practices and beliefs. Well, drink in your culture and scenery, because here are five countries with perfection.


Maybe I’m biased. Maybe not.

I’m not.

Greece is one incredible country. In fact, it is one of the most visited in Europe, with over 30 million international arrivals every year. But why? Is it the history? The scenery? The culture? Maybe it’s all of those things, handed to you in a single gyro. The culture comes from everywhere. The festivals, the people…

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