I need to Apologize

My dear blogger friends and followers, I need to ask you to accept my apology and stick with me. My site has declined in quality this last month but I am having problems with my emails coming in late at night, not during the day. I will call my Internet provided and tell them about my problem.


Love you all in Christ Jesus,



Child Of God.

Love Sings Hallelujah

Big Sky Buckeye

persons hands doing high fivePhoto by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Creating a rainbow, love inspires

Connecting two lives, becoming one

Merging together, feelings inside

Celebrating, we’ve only begun


Meeting at life’s crossroads, love brings truth

Confessing before our Lord, now one

Living as a twosome, sharing love

Spending time together, never done


Cherishing our love, always special

Sharing our dreams, dwelling between us

Leading us on a life adventure

Capturing a moment, on life’s bus


Depending on each other, love bonds

Growing tired of each other, never

Celebrating God’s gifts, shared with us

Changing our minds about us, never


Weathering life’s storms, love conquers all

Singing Hallelujah, love declares

Leaning on each other, love endures

Treasuring us, God’s love truly cares

man in black long sleeved shirt and woman in black dressPhoto by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

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At Issue – Falling Out of Love

Song of Songs 5:2–8

As a newlywed, you adored your husband and eagerly expressed your love to him. Then the honeymoon ended, and you probably started to take each other for granted. The responsibilities of life weighed you down so that you didn’t have the physical or emotional energy you once had to invest in your relationship. Like the woman in this poem, you have come to a crossroads and have a choice: Live with the loss of love or work to find that love again. The woman here passionately pursues her lover as if her life depended on it. Will you?

Doing Your Best

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Donna Marie Nielsen, a dear fellow blogger shared a gripping story and a marvelous poem on her WordPress blog, The Father’s Feet:

Please go to her post to read the story and become acquainted with Donna. Here is her poem:


At the end of my life

when I stand before the Lord,

I just want to hear Him say,

“You tried your best.”

“You may not have always succeeded

and yes, there were times

when you failed;

but you never let Me down for

you tried your best.”

“The gifts that I gave you,

you did try to use.

You may not have always used them,

indeed many times you did fail,

but it is okay

I love you,

You tried your best.”

“You listened for my voice.

You did your best to obey.

The words that I spoke,

they pierced your heart and you

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