Blaming God?

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Are you always blaming God for your problems? We should never blame God or be angry at God especially when it’s due to our own foolishness,  mistakes and sins. We can’t say things like, “God why didn’t you stop me from making that decision?” “Why did you allow that person to come into my life who caused me pain?” Why did you allow me to be in a situation to experience so much pain?”

God does not violate our free mortal agency. If we are experiencing a bad harvest, we have to endure our season and sow good seeds to reap a different harvest. And, remember that God never promised that we wouldn’t suffer trials and tribulations. What is your response to hardships? When times get tough, we should never complain and say, “God it’s your fault you did it !” When we are experiencing adversity in our lives, we should draw closer to God. Know that God is in control of all situations that we face, and all things work tougher for our good. Instead of looking for an excuse to blame God for where you are, trust Him in all times. When we stop trusting God, we will harbor bitterness towards God, and question His goodness. Never give up on God because He will never give up on you!!!!

When bad things happen even if it is a result of a mistake you made, use it to grow. If God said He will be there with you through the trials and tribulations of life, and He will work in you that is well pleasing in His sight, then He will do just that!!

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