Go Above & Beyond

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Devoted Steps

When I hear the phrase “go above and beyond,” I usually think of other people, never myself.  Why is that?  Perhaps it is because to go above and beyond requires bravery, sacrifice and faith.  I don’t know if I willingly enter into the challenges required to go above and beyond.  For example, when I think of bravery I think of the Disney character Prince Philip in Sleeping Beauty.  This guy had to break out of a dungeon, fight his way through a forest of thorns and then fight the evil dragon, Maleficent, on top of a very small mountain before he was able to finally rescue his princess.  He definitely went above and beyond in order to rescue his sleeping beauty.  Then there is Ariel from Disney’s Little Mermaid.  She sacrificed her voice at the risk of her life in order to become human and have a chance at love. …

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