17 thoughts on “My husband while fixing my wooden jewelry box cut his finger off. We are in emergency room. Please all is going bad. Prayers are needed.

  1. I am begging all prayer worries to please help me. My mother’s husband Toby cut his finger off while at home today. One finger he has completely lost and I believe two others he has lost the tips. They are currently in the ER and my mom is holding it together pretty well. I’m asking for prayers for his surgery and for my mom to be able to continue to be strong. They don’t have any family nor do they really have many friends, so my mom is doing this alone. Last but not least, he is their only source of income and this is truly a dire situation. He works for the the water company in Florida and my understanding is that he has no sick time or vacation time to take because he uses his time to take my mother to all of her frequent appointments. She is unable to work because of her own conditions so we are in need or prayers. Lots and lots of prayers.
    *If you know of a way that I can try to get emergency help for them please let me know. I believe my mom told me with FMLA they would keep his job while he recovered but he would not be paid. Any advise is appreciated and thank you for your prayers.
    **If you are a friend of theirs that lives near them please reach out to them. My mom will not ask for help so please reach out because they need it. She and Toby have helped many many strangers and friends over the years and I am praying that people will now lend them a hand. Thank you!**

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