On our way home

My dear Blogger friends, thanks for praying for my friend. He is doing well and will go home in a couple of days. He held my hand for a king sometime. He know as he used to be our Oastor that I love him in Christ and as a true friend.

It showed at the hospital where just his wife us and another Pastor showed up. Well, rmthat is the nature if men. We are not born good as we carrie the sins of outmr forefathers. Love is a choise we make. I could not post or cook it anything but knowing that he would be happy after his surger6to see us. His only true friends. Sad! I did not write did to show off but to remind myself to always choose to love. Does it make sense? Thank you again for praying now, lol is my turn. We could lose our home please pray for God’s favor and mercy. TY again,



child of God.

God bless you

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