No Dark Corners


Father, you know my weaknesses, and if I’m honest I do too. Thank you for your Spirit within me who will guide me into all truth.

To understand the full implications of Jesus words here, first we have to realize that He knows all about Satan’s domain of existence. Jesus was present when the angels rebelled in eternity passed. Satan has been forced to live in darkness away from the presence of God’s light. Second, this darkness is not physical but moral. Third Satan is free to traffic his schemes and sow destruction anywhere moral darkness is tolerated. He can search out, invade and thrive in both the small spaces harboring darkness in a person’s mind as well as in the large places. An attitude, and action, a way of thinking, or a way of living are all possible places of moral darkness and, by definition of his sentence, a place where Satan is free to traffic, transport, and transact evil. Unfortunately most believers compartmentalize this truth and believe this darkness is beyond them in some other realm.

The warning of Jesus to his men not only demonstrates His insight into how evil and darkness can invade the goodness and light of any believer it should have also caused the disciples to pause and reflects on the personal implications. It’s an admonition to God’s man to step back, take a look at himself objectively, and ask the hard questions about the motives behind whyhe is doing what he’s doing for Christ. Specifically: is it about me or about Him.