Mister Sycamore

Big Sky Buckeye

woods-sycamore.jpgFar older than every one of the neighboring trees

Standing taller than many, all take notice and see


The prized King of Walnut Woods reigns today

Calling him Mister Sycamore, his subjects say


With branches elevating up towards the sky

Measuring his girth, takes many hands to try

2019 June 7 Walnut Woods & Addison 017.JPGMany visitors walk by and stare in amazement

Standing as the park’s landmark, a monument


The Woods change from season to season

Watching over all, is the King’s main reason


He holds on to his leaves longer in fall

Guarding the land in winter, always tall


His leaves take some time to fill out in spring

Providing ample shade in summer is his thing


His expansive canopy of branches spreads wide

Peeling off sections of bark, creates whitish sides


His heir, the Prince, waiting in the wings

Rising lean and tall by a creek, he…

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