Telling The Truth

Understanding God’s healing power

For 38 years a crippled man lay on his ragged mat near the pool of Bethesda hoping to be healed when the water stirred. One day, Jesus sought him out and asked, “Do you want to get well?” On the surface, this might seem like an odd question, but maybe Jesus was getting at something richly profound.

This week, you’ll hear Pete Briscoe’s message, The Healer, and then Stuart Briscoe’s messages from the series Finding Healing to help you gain understanding about how Jesus is interested in healing more than just our bodies.

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Monday God’s Plan for the Workplace | A Labor Day message from Stuart
Tuesday The Healer – Pete
Wednesday Miraculous Healing – Stuart
Thursday Jesus Cured the Sick, Part 1 – Stuart
Friday Jesus Cured the Sick, Part 2 – Stuart


Answers to questions about healing

Have you ever wondered why God heals some people but not others? It’s a perplexing question, and how we answer it can color how we view God.

Stuart Briscoe’s 3-message series, Finding Healing, will help deepen your understanding of God’s healing power. It’s our thanks for your gift today—which will bless others with the life-changing power of His Word. And right now your gift will be DOUBLED by a $100,000 Matching Grant!

Request your copy of Finding Healing and gain valuable insight about the mystery of God’s healing power.