Control. (A poem) By Timothy Baugh.

Oh Child of God, Wake up and see how Life is not of the control of thee.  It is a trickster and hides its intent; and baffles the mind beyond your consent. Why believe ye such a twisted lie? That you your fancied competence can ply. A way to hold all in your control. Much like a diviner in his prognostic bowl. Madness, insanity, we all try to grasp. Then relinquished the final battle…stay the gap. The LORD God, the Most High, a Beloved Son of He. Died to win back that which was lost; A price we dare believe. Look!, It took too much of LOVE. It took too much of PAIN. But the final outcome was more then could us gain. Such Grace and Mercy, beyond what ever we need. Is ours to appropriate, to meet our longing, one came in our stead. My tears, my repentance, my faith to follow Him. Is THAT ENOUGH? A simple “Sinner’s Prayer” of a False Gospel to plea? Perish the thought! Let not Humanity bow the knee. A broken and contrite heart, the wounded heart of God. Is now available to those who walk this sod. Rise up for Consequence! Choose your own Fate. An uncertain future I wouldn’t want to take!  Help us, O Master, Jesus Christ our Friend. Be thou our constant guide and with us till the end. Let not any evil defeat us, nor any murmurings from our mouths ascend. Onward in your spirit. In Your Name. Amen.