Dealing with God No Last Commentary

God Knows

God knows best and we must begin to treat him as such. I believe that God will not give us more than we can bear. In retrospect, he won’t always give us something we are not prepared for, and if he choses to, the lesson may be a hard one. 

Instead of learning how to deal with God saying “no” we should learn to live with the fact that God “knows.” He literally knows what he is doing. We go wrong when we doubt that. We prolong the process he has us in by being impatient, prideful, and self-absorbed. 

There are two ways we can learn to deal with both God saying “no” and him “knowing.”  The first way is accepting that we are not in control. God does not need a sidekick, he doesn’t need our help. God needs us to be willingly and responsive. The second way is minimizing worry. Learning not to worry is a journey that starts with living and applying scriptures like Romans 8:28 and John 10:10 to our life. 

The commonality in these ways are us giving up our idealization of how life should go. Once we get to a point where we really believe that God wants what is best for us, life should become more simplistic. 

Pray this prayer:

God, I want what you want for me. Help me to give all control over to you. Help me to become a better listener, believer and doer of your word. Strengthen my faith and do not allow worry to overtake my life. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.


Dealing with God no YouVersion Devotional

Prayer and Trust

Prayer and trust go hand and hand. If we trust God enough to pray to him, shouldn’t we trust him enough to answer our prayers the best way he sees fit? Remember that God sees what we cannot. If we truly think about some of the things we have prayed for over the course of our lives we should be grateful God did not say yes to everything we asked. 

Sometimes we pray for things we are not prepared for and God’s “no” is a shield of protection from ourselves. We have to get to a place in our prayer life where we truly trust that God has our best interest at heart. Prayer is not about our wants but more so about God’s will. One of the most powerful prayers we can pray is simply saying “Lord let your will be done in my life.” 

We must focus not on what God can do for us, but what we can do for him. When was the last time your prayer was about serving God, and not God serving you? Switching our mentality on the purpose of prayer will indeed switch how we deal with the outcomes of how God answers. 

Pray this prayer:

God, forgive me for focusing solely on what I wanted to see in my life instead of what you want for and from me. I trust that when your answer to my prayer is “no” it is for my good. Have your way in my life and let your will be done. Show me how to serve you today. Amen.