I Met An Angel Tonight. (A poem) By Timothy Baugh. June 8, 2019.

It was another “ordinary” evening; as my nights so often go, So I went out to eat at a local restaurant (where and what to eat? I didn’t know). I sat long in my car and asked, “Just what am I doing here?” “Why did I decide for ‘this’?” and “What else is near?” At last I ventured on inside to my old familar booth. Settled on a Coke and “Pigs in a blanket” for my sweet tooth. Soon a young black man came in and sat in a booth across from me. Nothing extraordinary in appearance that I could see. I sat alone and enjoyed my “Blessed” meal; at peace with the surroundings and the way that I did feel. Yet, my isolation made me plea to my Father, the Most High, “Please Lord, just have him say “Hello”, that man that sits nearby.” I finished my meal and went to leave, thankful that I was not to grieve. When all at once I heard him say, “Hello, God Bless You today!”  “I came in here. I heard what you ordered. And I thought, ‘okay’. ” Now if that alone wasn’t enough to persuade; he asked if I knew Jesus, and noted, I “prayed”. I said, “Yes, I know Him” when such a Joy thrilled his heart. It was as if the heavens up yonder did part! I said, “I love Him with all of my being. To me He means everything!”  A smile, unlike a child receiving the best gift of a toy, spread ear to ear, such unbridled joy! I went to go up to the registar to pay and turned back a “good bye” to say. His face DID GLOW, if only to me, as he waved “good bye”, Did anyone else “see”?   My friends, he was an Angel, just as sure as can be. An answer to a prayer, from the Lord just for me. Amen. 

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  1. Nice and thank you Timoty. Both of you and Jonathan wrote today and I put a sticky for both of you until tomorrow afternoon, Planty of time not to be overwhelmed by all my posts. I thank you both of you for posting on my site. HUGS

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