Promise for healing Devotional YouVersion

God provides. He provided for our sins to be forgiven in Christ. He provided for us to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual health. He provided the Holy Spirit so we can receive direction, comfort, and empowerment to follow Jesus and live a godly life.

God provides food, water, shelter, friendship, strength, breath, and even life itself. The truth is whatever we need in life, we can come boldly to God and ask for Him to meet our needs.

Are you physically sick? Then come to God today and ask Him to heal your body. Are you in need of some sort of emotional healing or freedom from an addiction? Then come to the Lord today, for He freely gives His grace to all who ask for it. Are you in need of forgiveness of your sins?

Come to God today through the blood of Jesus Christ, asking Him to cleanse you and restore you to right standing with Him. God provides us with Jesus Christ, so how will He hold back anything less than that?


Lord, I thank you that you provide me with everything richly to enjoy. I thank you for your best gift to me—Jesus Christ—to forgive my sin and allow me to draw near to you. I want to honor you with what you have already provided for me, and be faithful with what you will provide for me in the future.

You provide me with every blessing in abundance. I will always have enough and will be able to share abundantly with others in every good work. I seek you first and thank you for meeting all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. Amen.

To download the prayers and promises of Faith, Forgiveness, and Victory and to see the full list of promises contained in Prayers and Promises for Healing by Joan Hunter, visit


Promise for healing Devotional YouVersion

People were created to have a relationship with God and relationships with one another. For those who have been born into the family of God, we are also counted as His friends. How powerful, how wonderful is that personal relationship between God and us.

He is the best friend anyone can possibly have, promising to never leave us or forsake us. Our relationship with God is the most important relationship we will ever have on this earth, and it is more than worth our time to invest into it.

God also created us to have a strong, personal bond with each other—to grow together, laugh together, and play together. Classmates, neighbors, coworkers, family members—friendships develop at all levels and stages of life. True friendships surpass time, experiences, and distance.

God has good relationships for you—friends that will encourage, challenge, and refresh you. The best friend you’ll ever have is Jesus, and He also will put people around you to be His hands and feet to you.


Father, I’m amazed that I can be your friend. I want to be a faithful friend to you and to those you put in my life. Provide good friends to help me grow and develop into what you desire me to be. Bring across my path those you want me to befriend. Help me to have close relationships that are trustworthy.

Fill me with your love so that I can love others with genuine affection, reviving their spirits with encouraging words and thoughtful actions. I cherish the relationships you’ve put in my life. Amen.

I Met An Angel Tonight. (A poem) By Timothy Baugh. June 8, 2019.

It was another “ordinary” evening; as my nights so often go, So I went out to eat at a local restaurant (where and what to eat? I didn’t know). I sat long in my car and asked, “Just what am I doing here?” “Why did I decide for ‘this’?” and “What else is near?” At last I ventured on inside to my old familar booth. Settled on a Coke and “Pigs in a blanket” for my sweet tooth. Soon a young black man came in and sat in a booth across from me. Nothing extraordinary in appearance that I could see. I sat alone and enjoyed my “Blessed” meal; at peace with the surroundings and the way that I did feel. Yet, my isolation made me plea to my Father, the Most High, “Please Lord, just have him say “Hello”, that man that sits nearby.” I finished my meal and went to leave, thankful that I was not to grieve. When all at once I heard him say, “Hello, God Bless You today!”  “I came in here. I heard what you ordered. And I thought, ‘okay’. ” Now if that alone wasn’t enough to persuade; he asked if I knew Jesus, and noted, I “prayed”. I said, “Yes, I know Him” when such a Joy thrilled his heart. It was as if the heavens up yonder did part! I said, “I love Him with all of my being. To me He means everything!”  A smile, unlike a child receiving the best gift of a toy, spread ear to ear, such unbridled joy! I went to go up to the registar to pay and turned back a “good bye” to say. His face DID GLOW, if only to me, as he waved “good bye”, Did anyone else “see”?   My friends, he was an Angel, just as sure as can be. An answer to a prayer, from the Lord just for me. Amen.