How watching a movie can turn back the years.

My dear Blogger friends, I just saw the Megan Lavy I think is the title and I cried been reminded of my German Shepherd that died at the age of 13 more of a broken heart then age.

I went back to Italy for a few months with my at that time partner and had to leave my baby Lupa, a female Shepherd in the Island of Budelli with my parents.

It broke my heart but I could not take her with me. 3 months later she laid down outside the door of my parents small home, refused to eat a steak and died. My father saw her die and it was heartbreaking for him and mom as well. When they called me I was devastated but more so a few years later. The walls I erected during my childhood to protect me from pain, after receiving the Lord in my heart crumbled. I cried for the longest time one day thinking about her. I cried in the deepest way. I could not accept her death when she died. Was not ready for the pain of losing my friend of many years.i had her from the age of 20 until I lost her and my regrets were many especially because I was not there with her my true friend when she died. We loved each other so much! That’s enough, I m crying now again.


bless you all,


Pat. Child of God.

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