How The Light Of The Kingdom Gospel Is Being Hidden Today. By Timothy Baugh.

“No one (any believer in Jesus as the Anointed King) after lighting (after they have started in their understanding of the Gospel) a lamp (the light of the Gospel) covers it with a jar (made of clay- “the Flesh”) or puts it under a bed, (place for sleep or sex) but puts it on a stand, (the true believer does not do a cover-up of the teaching, or is ashamed to acknowledge it and hides it from others due to their own faults and weaknesses. He or she will ‘prove’ its efficacy by praising and advertising it.) so that those who enter (enter into salvation) may see the light. For nothing is hidden (nothing is secret in our expression of our lives) that will not be made manifest, (evidentially seen by all) nor is anything secret (in our characters) that will not be known (or felt, of good or bad vibration) and come to light.” (or, and come abroad.) Luke 8:16-17. (English Standard Version- with my own insights added.)   Many are the well meaning Christians today who think that “sharing how Jesus has made a difference in their life” is really the job of their Pastor, Priest, or Minister; but not them. Living a life that others can see a noticable distinction in, is like picking how spicy you would like your meal! Most would prefer something either medium or mild. Jesus would have us be either hot or cold in our enthusiasm for sharing this ‘life-altering’ Good News. Being lukewarm (uninvolved) is not an ‘option’ for how ‘anyone’ should live their lives. But especially not for the disciples of Jesus today. Anything and anyone can smother the flame and snuff out the Light of God, through His Spirit, within us. Sadly, most are still mainly content with a “spoon-fed” version of evangelism. Let us realize that we can hide the Light if we want to, but why deny Jesus to anyone really?