Goodnight M.A.E

My dear Blogger friends, finally I am coming back from a hole that for a while had me sucked in.

The enemy of God hates us all especially those that love the Father.

My illness flared after my trip to Italy and together with some unanswered prayers. I lost myself but, God never left me or forgot me.

For a few days, I forgot about how much I m loved and how truly much I depend on Him.

It was terrible and a hidden feeling I could not share at that time. I was ashamed of myself until God in His goodness showed me what I am still trying to carry myself. So, I m giving myself a break and don’t deny the power of mental illnesses. I have 3, plus as I think mention last night PTSD.

God has me always if I let Him. Because if my trip and not spending much time with the Holy Spirit, I have caused a void in my heart.

I forgot about being grateful even when I was saying thank you. I complained about not having enough of Him but did not seek Him. I am back from the old almost forgotten hole in my soul.

I thank God for the rescue and my friends and husband for their prayers. And friends I mean those of you that prayed for me.

I love you.

God bless you and I am sure I will be truly thankful for a very long time because I live for and Because of HIM.

long story short.

I am ok again and I will be more vigilant of my moods swings. In Him, i have the only peace I ever had in my life. Thank you, Jesus, for the rescue.


God bless you all


Child of God.

P.s I know it all sounds a bit off.