Goodnight M.A.E.

My dear Blogger Friends,

Toby and I went to the Christian based

Celebrate Recovery and I finally had the chance to speak with the Lady in charge of all the groups.

The day for me, Facilitate,, my own group, a brand new one, is getting nearer. Starting Next Friday I will get my Leadership tag and will sit at the meetings with the rest of those that have a place facilitating a group or have other positions in the CR Division of the Church. I m humbled but excited because this is what I believe to finally be where God wants me to be. It will be mental health and deep depression group. We have a lot to do and learn before we start offering it to people.

I depend on the Lord and think I can bring something to the group. My personal experience with Mental Illness and Healing by God’s Grace is an important part to add to the program. God IS getting ready to use me, little old me. I am very grateful and looking forward to loving those Ladies young and older that I will have the privilege to tell my story too. A story of hope.

I thank you for reading this.,

Love you all in Christ Jesus,

God Bless you all,



Child of God.