The Lord Is My Shelter. Copyrighted. (A poem by Timothy Baugh.) For March 31, 2019.

The Lord is my shelter in Life’s storm. The Lord keeps me safe, He keeps me warm. When the lightning flashes, the thunder starts to roll the Lord keeps my life, He holds my soul.   The Lord lights my skies on cloudy days. The Lord watches me in all my ways. Walking in His Spirit my heart begins to sing and rises like a gushing, bubbling spring. The Lord is my strength though I am weak. His Holy Spirit’s power I will seek. When I start to stumble I’ll call upon His name. And Satan with my foes will leave in shame.

Another entry from the book, “How To Weave The Character Of Christ Into Your Life.” How To Silence Your Opponents. By Timothy Baugh. March 31, 2019.

(Read the 19th Chapter of the Gospel of John first. Imagine Jesus the Messiah standing before Pilate.)       For the one who is always living in the truth; that life would need no defense. One’s own actions, behavior, and character speak for themselves. They are the best witnesses we have. Jesus Christ knew this, and so He pointed others to His actions, His words, and His works more than once to fix these in our minds and hearts. These all came from God, Jesus’s Father, who did and spoke these things through Him. When we ourselves are living in God, and He is living His truth fully through us; then are we like Jesus. Then are we truly the Light of this World.       Prayer   Holy Spirit of God, You are the Truth, and as long as we live in You then all in this life needs no defense or proof. Help us to be, as Your Children, totally clear and apparent towards all so that all we may think, say, or do may glorify and honor our Father God who is in Heaven. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.