From, ‘The Spiritual Life Journal. (Journey)’. (A personal journal entry- May 29-31, 2014.) By Timothy Baugh. For March 29, 2019.

Instruction as it applies to us is often taught through slowly assimilating our Life’s Lessons into our human experiences. Learning takes patience, diligence, and discipline to a better way than one we may have chosen for ourselves. We, as were the early disciples, are told to wait. Listen we must!   Waiting upon “the Master” to bring His instruction is never easy. But rushing through the lesson Life brings us means we just want to know for ‘head knowledge’; and not for ‘the application’. As we all are aware; not applying the instruction means we have failed the course and have ignored the Master and His teaching. Attention is essential in making any progress. And the student who takes an ‘active interest’ will grow steadily as he or she learns.   Jesus doesn’t say, unless asked, just what the instruction is about. Nor, how the lesson was meant to be applied. The lesson is often for the immediate moment, and may ‘go over our heads’, so to speak. Our own attitudes and behavior will color our acceptance; and our perception of the Truth. But never is something that comes our way unnecessarily ever taught! The dull students are taught along with the brighter ones.        “Open thou mine eyes, (Reveal to my understanding) that I may behold (learn) wonderful (amazing) things out of thy law.” (out of your Word.) “Thy testimonies (Your sworn and proven statements of Truth) also are my delight (greatest joy) and my counsellors.” (and my advisors). Psalm 119: 18 and 24. (with my own insights added.)

No internet just bad data. I m in the mountain until Sunday. In the city will be easier to post.

I miss posting 😭 and u all but my time here is very important could be the last time I will see my father.

Sad thinking about that 😥😔 I will enjoy all I can leaving sadness away and trusting in God 🙏 that loves me.


Pat. Child if God.