From, ‘The Spiritual Life Journal (Journey)’. (A personal journal entry- July 31-August 3, 2014.) For March 23, 2019. By Timothy Baugh.

I have been reflecting lately. That is, thinking deeply on just who do we, as Christians, believe we really are? Certainly we are loved and cared for by God. But are we somehow in a “special position or place”, above others ‘due to our religion’? Apparently not! I have read recently in Romans, Chapter 9, verse 15: “For he (God) says to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” Jesus, Himself exemplified this. So we might ask instead: ‘How is that? Just what is God’s standard for acceptance or rejection based on?’   The measure or standard appears to be based on faith alone and not one’s own good works (or deeds) of righteousness. And not by our observance of a ‘set list’ of ethical and moral requirements. Religion is not what establishes a right relationship towards God. Faith alone is! All those who use ‘religion alone’ to prove their worthiness to God are truly missing it! Religion without a ‘genuine’ faith to support it is only a pretense and masquerade for hypocrisy and phoniness!   I also read in 2 Timothy 2: 20-21 of how God uses honorable or dishonorable vessels. There appears to be two sorts of Christians. Those who live a life of purity will be for honorable use, consecrated (set apart as dedicated), fit for the Master’s service, and equipped for every good work. The rest, although useful, will only be fit for common, everyday purposes. Yes, they are both important. But only one group is used regularly for noble purposes rather than for ordinary, secular service. Let us live so as to be among the noble vessels that are used by God every day for His Glory. 

To Trust and Obey. (Copyrighted.) (Rewritten, as inspired.) A poem from Timothy Baugh. March 23, 2019.

As the honey that distills from the comb of the bees; so will the honey from my heart flow to others that I meet. And as (the) milk that flows from a (loving) mother that loves her (newborn children), her dear ones; so also will I (likewise) offer of my hope in Thee, my God, to the thirsty souls that long for You. As a fountain that gushes out its refreshing water, so will my heart gush out my praise to others of my Lord, and my life will show my thanksgiving. My face will exult in His goodness, and my spirit will exult in His love. My soul will shine in Him. My reverence (devotion and respect) confides (is willingly given with assurance) in (to) Him; and my redemption (salvation) in Him stands assured (confident). For His inheritance is Eternal Life, and all those who participate (take part) in it are (living so as to be) without Sin. Hallelujah. Amen. 

I Come To You. (A copyrighted song by Timothy Baugh.) March 21, 2019.

Many things I want to say are trapped inside my heart. You are on my mind each day, each morning from the start. When sadness tries to bring me down in You I find release. An overwhelming joy is mine no troubles can decrease.   (Chorus) And I come to You; You’re my strength from day to day. ‘Cause Your always there, and You’ll never turn away. So I thank You now for this comfort that You bring. When I come to You; When I come to You.   Life may fill me with suspense of what the future holds. Faith will be my best defense as destiny unfolds. And though I may lose everything I never will despair. For You cause my hope to spring, there’s nothing I can’t bear.   (Chorus) And I come to You; You’re my strength from day to day. ‘Cause You’re always there, and You’ll never turn away. So I thank You now for this comfort that You bring. When I come to You; When I come to You. 

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