From, ‘The Spiritual Life Journal (Journey)’. (A personal journal- Entry for April 9, 2014.) By Timothy Baugh. March 22, 2019.

 Sometimes silence is like a healing balm to the soul. For in the silence we calmly reflect upon our priorities. Are they for ourselves? For others? Or perhaps instead, they are scattered and diffused in myriad directions.  I was comforted today in the silence and routine. I was able to count my blessings. To be grateful and not to take anything for granted. Not home comforts, friends that I have, or just the time to do as I please. Even my mistakes teach me to slow down before I act! How busy we humans are! Like Martha in the Bible we can become easily distracted. Our thoughts and feelings about what we ‘must do’ are not Christ-centered but Self- centered. But as Jesus said: “only one thing is needed.” Everything else is never as important as the time I spend with God. In fact, all those things seem so trivial in comparison.  So this moment, now, is my time with God. To take my thoughts to Him. What will He find? Perhaps that is why silence is so valuable. It makes us more introspective. We come to see who and what we truly are. Do we like what we discover? Or do we close our inner eyes to ignore or avoid “the Truth” about ourselves? Whether it’s an obvious flaw or something subconscious; self examination does us all good.       Prayer  Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for the many moments of silence. Help me to find the strength, through You, to change my weaknesses into virtues instead. As I embrace the cross, may I repent of my desire to still cling to “my stuff”. Lord, set me free from myself. In Your name, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Our Anointing. (Rewritten as inspired. Copyrighted.) A poem by Timothy Baugh. March 22, 2019.

The Lord is on my head like a crown, (Jesus Christ by means of His Holy Spirit occupies my thoughts) and I shall not be without Him. They (my thoughts) wove for me a crown of truth, and it caused thy branches to bud in me. For it is not like a withered crown which buds not: but thou live upon my head, and thou has blossomed upon my head. Thy fruits are full-grown and perfect, (The fruits of the Holy Spirit) they are full of thy salvation.

The Spring Flowers Are Blooming For You Dear Mothers!

Huguette Antoun

Today, March 21st, we celebrate the spring beginning and most importantly we celebrate Mother’s Day!

Lebanon and some Arabic countries celebrate Mother’s day on March 21st.
Most countries celebrated it the second Sunday of May. Other countries celebrate it the first Sunday of May like Spain and Portugal. And countries like UK and Ireland and Nigeria celebrate it the fourth Sunday in lent, this year it’s March 31st.   

I’m really thrilled that spring is officially here, never been a winter lover and the weather really affects my mood. I love to see the sun, the green, and the flowers.
Welcome dear “Spring”! 😀

I find it really great to honor the mothers with the Spring beginning,the season of the new beginnings, the weather is warmer, the flowers are in bloom, trees and bushes begin to grow new leaves, colorful flowers and beauty…The same…

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My take on sickness

Daily Bible Bytes for you

A sickness can toss entire life schedule. It produces fear and discouragement. Keep your cool, it’s a passing phase. Your body is well equipped to fight illness. It’s a matter of time

…………. Bible blogger 😇

Related Bible quote:

Psalm 41:4 TPT So in my sickness I say to you, “Lord, be my kind healer. Heal my body and soul; heal me, God! For I have confessed my sins to you.


The writer was praying to God for the healing process. He confessed his own shortcomings. He asked for comprehensive healing.

Do you agree with this? Please feel free to share your thoughts.


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