From, “The Spiritual Life Journal (Journey).”(A personal journal- Entry for April 6, 2014). By Timothy Baugh. March 19, 2019.

Today I have learnt the very important lesson that, “He who exalts himself will be humbled.” Whenever, I act out of hidden pride and self-satisfaction I risk appearing foolish. And at worse, looking quite arrogant. I saw today how Ego can be suppressed; but, it never truly dies unless nailed with Jesus (yes, right along with Him) to the cross. Unless this is done daily, then it is so easy to find the faults of others while ignoring my own. Then judgmentalism and self-righteousness only flourishes, and feels self-satisfied. Dying to our own sense of self-will and determinism is difficult when looking at denial as a painful experience. Denial, however brings release from any imposed bondage we put ourselves unconsciously through. I choose freedom from Sin, Satan, and this world’s influence. My victory is in Christ. I will walk in liberty and not in bondage anymore. Thank You, my Lord Jesus, that I can make this so! Amen.