Rylisms e-Sword Study Bible March 5

The Bible Summed Up in Four Words
“Let there be light!” (Gen_1:3)
In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light!” These four words sum up the entire Bible. Everything that follows this first sentence, does so to serve the purpose of fulfilling it. When God said, “Let there be light” – He made a decree that has not been rescinded unto this day.
His will is that we see a revelation of His love in everything He has made, in everything He says, and in everything He does. That we come to know Him by being loved by Him and loving Him in return.
The Garden in which our First Parents were placed was a revelation of God’s love for them. The bounty of His blessings and the nearness of His presence provide lavish proof of His love. The paradise from which we have fallen, and unto which we aspire, is God’s loving will for us.
Yet, even the choice of another way was a revelation of His love. He did not subject Adam and Eve to Garden living against their will. There stood the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; with its fruit offering them the power of self-determination.
And when they chose poorly and were banished from Paradise, still God revealed His love by covering them with the skin of an innocent animal, slain on their behalf; and He then provided them with protection and natural blessings in abundance as they ventured into a thorn-infested wilderness. That’s Love.
But there’s more.
As mankind multiplied and increased in the earth, God chose Abraham and his descendants to be a nation set apart so that the whole world could see a revelation of His love displayed in how He cared and provided for His own.
The giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai was a revelation of His love, bringing civil order to a wandering people who had known nothing but oppressive slavery. The sending forth of Prophets and Seers, Teachers and Priests, Judges and Kings – all were expressions of His great love for His people, as He raised their standard of living and built them into a beacon for the world to see His great love.
But the brightest Light was yet to come; the greatest revelation of His love for all of us was just around the corner. We will look at that tomorrow.


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