Goodnight Good Morning

My dear Blogger friends,

after a very disturbing day, mentally and physically, I took my nightly medicines to try to cover up this unexpected panic attack.

It might be because of the stress I went through or, I have no idea why, spent these last 12 long hours with the attack slowly degrading my strength but, in the midst of my battles, I realized that God was doing my defense.

I went in and out of my “reality”, to another place where the panic was no more but God was not there as well.

A vacuum of nothingness so deep that I kept falling and never hit the bottom.

I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for as always, protecting me and letting me understand again HE IS my strength.

Once I realized again I was not losing my mind, just going through a rough spot in my life, again.

I love my Lord so very much! The peace I have now is a joyful one where the panic has been replaced with a bit of my heart that was missing all day.

His presence I forgot, way too long today.

If you are now going to sleep, remember as I finally did that HE has “your Back” as HE has mine.

I am His Princess,

64 years old in a month, a little chunky, no idea how I would survive without Him and thankfully I will not “have” to be without Him anymore, in my life.

I am deeply in love with Jesus my groom. 

I am a Child Of God, a princess, waiting to be Married soon to our King.

If you did read all of this till the end, Thanks and forgive the simplistic way I write.

God bless you.

His Angels and Spirit have you covered in His love,



6 thoughts on “Goodnight Good Morning

  1. Dear Pat (Child of God), Whenever I may think of all my various anxieties and stresses; it is not without the heart to think of others first. My dear friends are going through some of the very worst of circumstances, but still cling to their love and faith in Jesus Christ to see them through one more day. It always amazes me about ‘that much’ of the human spirit. God will NEVER let us down despite our own apprehensions and fears for an uncertain future. We may, lose everything of any value to us; but if we have Jesus we have all that truly matters. Timothy

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    1. Thank you, brother. I am a little ashamed of allowing myself “sympathy” My pain is nothing compared to the pain of many.
      I chose, even when I wrote that post, self-pity to take over. I am sorry I allowed myself that feeling to mature in my heart until it burst open in a moment of weakness. Thank you or helping me now.


  2. One more thing, I am not afraid of losing anything of materialistic value. I am just occasionally when my mind takes or, lose control as I wrote in a very early post. I might find myself away from the Lord but, I know with all myself that Jesus will never leave me especially in moments of mental Battles. Does it make any sense to you?


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