Goodnight Afternoon Evening

My dear Blogger Friend, today, was the dentist, lol

I was posting on the Blog and I get a text message that thanked me for making the appointment, they changed it 20 earlier and I had forgotten to start that I was supposed to go see the OUCH dentist. I ran in the shower like the mad woman I am 🙂

It takes 45 minutes to get to my dentist since we moved from our old town.

I had 5 minutes to spare when I got in the car and, WOW the traffic was terrible. Got there almost on the dot. Then, I suffered a bit. The way home was way busier around 5 pm but it felt like a walk in the park as they say.

Called the bank with sign-ins problems did NOT get to watch our shows then he went to sleep after a short prayer for all of you as well and now, 5 minutes after my husband went to sleep I am writing and trying to watch the depressive FAKE NEWS? NOT!!. I only now watch Fox News for 21 years because the other stations make me sick. Fox News is way much better for any of people stuck with CNN in airports (USE YOUR PHONE) and those that live in other Countries, PLEASE do NOt believe CNN MSNBC or whatever.

Only trust FOX and do your homework, Just saying.

Love you all in Christ and I know I bored you but, I try to stay on top of my blog for all my followers and whoever comes across me.

Thank you for reading,

God Bless you,



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