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The Tongue is small but most Powerful

Most of us don’t realize how powerful that part of our body is. The Apostle James calls the tongue a “little” member, yet he associates it with such epic destruction.
The tongue is used to speak words and once they are sent out, it will produce something- be it good or bad. When I look back at my life, I can remember so many scenes where the most hurt I felt and the most hurt I inflicted was through words.

The truth is that you cannot have thoughts unless you first hear words. The words you hear form pictures or images in your mind and become what you think about. What “you think about you” will be expressed through words and finally your words will create the outcome.

A perfect person is not someone that has no flaws, but a perfect person, according to the Bible, is one that is mature in speech because they understand that speaking by the Spirit will create God thoughts and the God thoughts will, in turn, result in mature choices.

When we learn to master the art of expressing our thoughts through the Spirit, we would be on the road to perfecting our lives in every area. We would be dominating our bodies, instead of it dominating us, and we will no longer be giving into every sensual desire, but we would be learning how to curb, and eventually control, that corrupt, sinful nature.

I challenge you today to ask the Holy Spirit to help you to speak and express thoughts by His power.

Prayer of Creative Words
Father, today I have come to the understanding that my tongue is small and if not managed by the Holy Spirit can cause much destruction. I do not desire to cause harm or destruction to my life, so I am yielding my tongue to you. Please take control of the words I speak.


My dear Blogger friend, has been 3 days since Toby and I almost started to  talk, my idea, about divorce, and,  I did not think that my life would be the same, as usual even when, you think, that the pain is too much and is the end of your marriage, God comes through

We love each other and when we said, I do, we meant it.

Trought the ups and downs of our marriage, the thought of leaving him has crossed my mind before but, Toby is the nicest guy I ever met. Even if what he did hurt me deeply, I cannot see my life without him. Now for the first time in our marriage, he is getting the help he needs not just for his mistake but also a chance for him to open up a little more. I was proud of him when at his first meeting, he spoke and took responsibility for his actions. Some people say that all men watch pornography but I disagree.
He will do what needs to be done in his part and God will bless our marriage like never before. I love you all for listening to me and praying.

Goodnight God Bless you,