The stars do their work without fuss; God does His work without fuss, and saints do their work without fuss. The people who are always desperately active are a nuisance; it is through the saints who are one with Him that God is doing things all the time. The broken and the jaded and the twisted are being ministered to by God through the saints who are not overcome by their own panic, who because of their oneness with Him are absolutely at rest, consequently He can work through them. A sanctified saint remains perfectly confident in God, because sanctification is not something the Lord gives me, sanctification is himself in me.

A sanctified saint is at leisure from himself and his own affairs, confident that God is bringing all things out well.

Reflection Questions: What does my fear of rest say to God about my confidence in Him? What does my refusal to rest say to the world about the source of my hope?

Quotations taken from The Place of Help, © Discovery House Publishers

Devotional by You version

No amount of sacrifice on the part of man can put the basis of human life right: God has undertaken the responsibility for this, and He does it on redemptive lines. Imagine a man seeing hell without at the same time perceiving salvation through Jesus Christ—his reason must totter. Pseudo-evangelism makes an enormous blunder when it insists on conviction of sin as the first step to Jesus Christ. When we have come to the place of seeing Jesus Christ, then He can trust us with the facing of sin.

Our faith is in a Person Who is not deceived in anything He says or in the way He looks at things. Christianity is personal, passionate devotion to Jesus Christ as God manifest in the flesh.

Reflection Questions: Why is it important for people to see Jesus before facing their sin? How can anyone recognize hopelessness without first seeing hope?

Quotations taken from Baffled to Fight Better and Approved Unto God, © Discovery House Publishers