My daughter and her husband on their Hawaiian vacation.

I am very happy for them. They travel a lot. She is good saving her money not like me, lol. I have no money but I believe the Lord will help me go to the Canary islands in feb.i think so. God IS good and spoils me always gives me a way to fulfill some of my desires. My dad is 80 years old. I can’t believe he has a 73 years old girlfriend a year now. He lived up in the Alps a few hears to cold so they also have no money but God is truly a good God so somehow they found a way to rent a little place and will spend the winter there. They will visit all 3 of the big islands and, I am going. My dad lost my mom 8 years ago. Mourned her so very much so. I am truly grateful to God that he now has a girlfriend❤

Got to go…




My dear bLogger Friends,

here we go, another busy day and I am thinking about the fact that lately I have NOT spent much time with the Lord and posted to much maybe?

I will restart my day or early afternoon to worship and reading before posting. I have been neglecting the Lord and I need more time with HIM. I will post all I can but I might be a little late in posting than usual.

Love you all in Christ Jesus,



Men’s New Devotional Bible Tue. Dec. 4

Today’s Bible Reading: 1 Kings 18:16–39

Related Reading

Exodus 20:3–4Numbers 23:19Deuteronomy 5:7–8

No matter how you would have looked at the odds, they didn’t stack up in Elijah’s favor.

Elijah was just one person standing up for God against not only the 450 prophets of Baal but also a teeming mass of godlessness consuming his own people, the chosen children of Israel. The people, seduced by the idolatry of the culture around them, knew better. Yet even when Elijah confronted them about their disobedience, they remained silent.

How could this have happened? The same way it happens to us. Whether we call it groupthink, conformity, peer pressure, compliance, inclusiveness, tolerance, mob mentality or whatever, if a group doesn’t temper its course with godly wisdom, the results can be dangerous. An issue can become culturally mainstream, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good or right. It’s just common. Prevalent. Yet for many people, when an issue becomes common it becomes normal and acceptable.

This occurs not only in the greater culture but also in businesses, churches, organizations, government and almost every other area of life. Managers overuse the perennially popular buzzword “teamwork.” And don’t forget, there’s no “I” in team. Individual voices melt into the tolerant, inclusive group. This thinking stands as a cultural virtue—practically a mandate.

To the people around him, Elijah’s beliefs and actions seemed culturally out of step and devoid of common sense. Like an Old Testament John Wayne, he took a stand as an individual, representing God instead of giving in to the team or the culture.

Throughout Scripture the strength and value of well-tempered individuals shine through. Instead of seeking serenity, maybe our prayer should be, “God grant me the determination to know your Word, the courage to confront those who distort it and the wisdom to know the difference.”

To Take Away

  • Who do you know that consistently stands for God and against the tide of culture?
  • What opportunities do you have to take a public stand for God?
  • What made Elijah confident that he would succeed? How can you experience that kind of confidence?

In Other Words

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” —Vince Lombardi