Update on my friend Lou Ellen.

My dear Blogger friends, first I want to thank those that praied for my friend Lou Ellen that is still in the hospital. Even with her surgeries and the cancer, she had has never lost her Faith. She is a true strong Christian woman and regardless of the many surgeries and the Cancer they believed they were able to cure , she still is in a grave situation. I please, ask you to pray for her recovery. All is possible for our Healer Jesus and my hope is in His wonderful love. Lou Ellen has helped many women that suffer from trauma and other difficulties in life and, I am one of them. I love her as a close friend and I know that the Spirit of God IS ever present in her. I know that all her trials have taken away from me my own small problems. She has been a hand from God in my recovery and I am forever grateful for her presence in my life.

God brought me to her 7 years ago and if it wasn’t for her help I would still be lost in a darkness that took away my hope. I have been a believer for 20 years but, is only the last 8 that I have finally believed that God truly loves me. She brought me closer to the “light” with her patience and kindness. I spent many hours with her over the years to shed and give God my pain. I truly love her as the sister in Christ that He put in my life.

Please put her in your prayers.

Prayers are a “sweet” aroma for The Father and He does hear them as she was able to withstand all she has been thought. I love you for your prayers more then you know and pray for all the Blogger God put in my life. I would not have a Blog if God did not give me Lou Ellen to guide me in the maze of pain and loss. Her Faith strengthen mine as well.

Thank you. I will update you again when I have more news.

God Bless you and yours